Seasonal measures for Brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB)

For the 2022-23 BMSB risk season, BMSB seasonal measures will apply to targeted goods manufactured in or shipped from target risk countries, that have been shipped between 1 September 2022 and 30 April 2023 (inclusive), and to vessels that berth, load, or tranship from target risk countries within the same period.

The shipped on board date, as indicated on the Ocean Bill of lading, is the date used to determine when goods have been shipped. 

Gate in” dates and times will not be accepted to determine when goods are shipped.

We continuously review the measures throughout the season and may make necessary adjustments based on detections of BMSB and changes in the risk pathways.

What are the measures relating to goods?

Target high risk and target risk goods manufactured in or shipped from the target risk countries as sea cargo between 1 September 2022 and 30 April 2023 (inclusive) as reflected on the Bill of Lading are subject to BMSB intervention.

All other goods are not subject to BMSB intervention unless they are packed in a container with target high risk or target risk goods that require BMSB intervention, then all other goods are subject to the measures.

Target high risk goods subject to mandatory offshore treatment that arrive untreated or treated by an unapproved treatment provider in a target risk country, will be directed for export on arrival.Goods shipped in iso-tanks and as bulk-in-holds of cargo vessels are not subject to the measures.